Who Am I?

Well, I live in Ontario, Canada and as you may have guessed I'm an avid canoe tripper. I tend to do most of my trips in Algonquin Provincial Park since it's close by but more importantly it's simply a beautiful place to be.
I do trips with my wife and friends but also have a real love of solo tripping. Well, 'solo' could be debatable since I always bring my trusty Springer Spaniel sidekick Maddy, also known as The Goose. At the time I'm writing this (September 06, 2008) Maddy is about two years old and has been along for several trips. She's not a tough nut by any means and she has a love for her bed that would rival Rip Van Winkles' but that's all a part of her charm. She can rough it when she needs to but she's first in line to get in the tent for some serious zzzzzs. 
I'm also lucky enough to have an understanding wife that doesn't hold me back from being a big kid and running off into the woods to play... thanks Babe.

About This Site

My intent in creating this website is to share my passion for the outdoors with like minded people, whether those be fellow trippers or armchair outdoors men and women. I want to bring you along on my journey and share my experiences, from the condition of the portage trails to hanging out in the tent in a thunderstorm or just going over the finer points of some favorite knots. I'm not going to pretend I'm some kind of expert here, I'm just sharing what I know and what has worked out well for me over the years. It also has a self serving purpose since it's a place to put my memories and reference material on the subject of the outdoors. It's a one stop shop for when I need to get those bits of information that I use regularly or when I just want to reflect on past trips. I'm hoping this information may also help others with ideas for their own trips or inspire you to write to me with your thoughts on the subject.

Contact Details

Seeing as how you made your way to the contact page I would encourage you continue one step further and send me a line about your impressions of the site, ideas, trips you've taken, favorite routes, or any great recipes you're willing to share.  You name it, I'd love to hear about it.

You can reach me at the address below but please take a look at the forums for posting questions and finding answers. I'll be keeping my eye on them and answering questions where I can. This way, all can be a part of the discussion.

Thanks for stopping by...